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Student discards go to Goodwill, not landfill

Daily parking rate going up to $9

Citations will cost $5 more

New campaign shows agricultural partnerships and achievements

“One UC Davis” puts the spotlight on California in a new campaign…

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Virtual reality shot of a mountainous area with a stream and valley

The UC Davis facility features projection screens on three walls that create an immersive, interactive environment. Using the facility, scientists can walk — or fly — into a three-dimensional, virtual representation of a landscape.

Using virtual reality to study earthquakes

Within hours of the Aug. 24, 2014, Napa earthquake, researchers from UC Davis' Department of Earth and Planetary Science were on the ground making measurements of surface ruptures and visible evidence of fault movements.

But geologists no longer have to do all their work in the field or on a map. UC Davis has a unique facility, the W. M. Keck Center for Active Visualization in Earth Sciences (KeckCAVES), which allows researchers to study from earthquakes in virtual reality.

Our 2010 feature, which includes a video fly-through of the Enriquillo Fault, describes how the KeckCAVES was used to study the Haiti and Mexicali earthquakes.

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Prions can trigger ‘stuck’ wine fermentations, researchers find

A chronic problem in winemaking is “stuck fermentation,” when yeast that should be busily converting grape sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide prematurely shuts down, leaving the remaining sugar to instead be consumed by bacteria that can spoil the wine. A team of researchers including UC…

UC Davis media sources offered on earthquakes and their aftermath

The following University of California, Davis, faculty are available to comment on various aspects of earthquakes and their effects. Please keep an eye out for additions to this list at http://news.ucdavis.edu. The source list will be listed on the right under resources for the media. Earthquakes,…

Farmworkers’ son active in UC Davis research wins prestigious NIH scholarship

Man in lab coat, goggles and gloves in a chemistry lab.

The stinging sweat and all-over aches from picking blackberries one summer tutored young Abraham Corrales of Watsonville in the harsh realities he’d already experienced as the youngest of 10 children of migrant farmworkers. “When you’re in the fields, you understand how everyone who’s…

California has given away rights to far more water than it has

Sprinklers watering agricultural land with a truck in the background

California has allocated five times more surface water than the state actually has, making it hard for regulators to tell whose supplies should be cut during a drought, University of California researchers reported. The scientists said California’s water-rights regulator, the State Water…

Scholars present at annual sociological association meeting

Nearly 60 faculty and students at the University of California, Davis, will attend the 109th annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, with about half presenting papers or leading discussions. The meeting is being held in San Francisco at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square and the…