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UC Davis responds to article on recent communication

'We must always be informed of different perspectives on key issues'

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Rush-hour traffic on a freeway

The study's findings should help support wider agreement on climate policy, where cleanup costs and equity between rich and poor countries are key issues. (Thinkstock photo)

Mass transit could save megatons of C02

More than $100 trillion in public and private spending could be saved between now and 2050 if the world expands public transportation, walking and cycling in cities, according to a new report released by UC Davis and the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy. Additionally, reductions in carbon dioxide emissions reaching 1,700 megatons per year in 2050 could be achieved if this shift occurs.

Further, an estimated 1.4 million early deaths associated with exposure to vehicle tailpipe emissions could be avoided annually by 2050 if governments require the strongest vehicle pollution controls and ultralow-sulfur fuels, according to a related analysis by the International Council on Clean Transportation included in the report.

Doubling motor vehicle fuel economy could reduce CO2 emissions by an additional 700 megatons in 2050.    

News releases

UC Davis developing $12 million Life Sciences Innovation Center in Chile

The University of California, Davis, has been selected by the Chilean government to form a new partnership establishing the UC Davis Life Sciences Innovation Center in Chile. With a projected budget of $12 million over its first three years, the center will foster collaborative work among experts…

UC Davis and Mars, Incorporated announce plans to create first-of-its-kind innovation institute focusing on food, agriculture and health

The University of California, Davis, through its World Food Center, and Mars, Incorporated today have agreed to pursue the establishment of a new institute designed to deliver big-impact, Silicon Valley-type breakthroughs in food, agriculture and health. An independent advisory committee chaired…

UC Davis celebrates Global Confucius Institute Day, holds Chinese film festival's opening event

A number of platters and bowls with Chinese motifs and someone pouring soup into one of the bowls

UC Davis will host the opening ceremony and screening for the inaugural Davis Chinese Film Festival as the university celebrates Global Confucius Institute Day on Saturday, Sept. 27. The Confucius Institute at UC Davis — devoted to Chinese food and beverage culture — and the Davis Chinese Film…

Evolutionary biology key to tackling diverse global problems, study finds

A pink caterpillar inside a cotton boll

Evolutionary biology techniques can and must be used to help solve global challenges in agriculture, medicine and environmental sciences, advises a nine-member global team led by an evolutionary ecologist from University of California, Davis. Findings from the study will appear Sept. 11 in…

Study solves the mystery of bluetongue livestock disease

Holstein cow

The bluetongue virus, which causes a serious disease that costs the cattle and sheep industries in the United States an estimated $125 million annually, manages to survive the winter by reproducing in the insect that transmits it, report veterinary scientists at the University of California,…