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Drawing of cores and circle lines

This is a computer simulation of the Earth’s magnetic field lines (white). Vorticity along the direction of the rotational axis is shown as clockwise (red) and counterclockwise (blue) flow as looking down at the North Pole. (Lorraine J. Hwang and Hiroaki Matsui/UC Davis graphic)

83 million core-hours of supercomputer access

Sometimes time is the best gift of all.

Eighty-three million core-hours on one of the world’s fastest supercomputers will be accessible to a group of scientists led by UCLA in collaboration with the Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics, or CIG, based at UC Davis.

Project lead Jonathan Aurnou, a UCLA professor of planetary sciences and geophysics, and the multidisciplinary team will use the Mira supercomputer at Argonne National Laboratory to simulate the origins and evolution of the Earth’s magnetic field at an unprecedented scale, using code developed and released by CIG.

The group will also simulate the magnetic field generation occurring inside Jupiter and the sun. The data sets generated will be open to the broader scientific community.

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News releases

Expanding California’s water supply: You can’t store what isn’t there

California’s approval of a $7.5 billion water bond has bolstered prospects for expanding reservoirs and groundwater storage, but the drought-prone state can effectively use no more than a 15 percent increase in surface water storage capacity because of lack of water to fill it, according…

Performance horse management survey invites participants

The Center for Equine Health at the University of California, Davis, is seeking input from horse owners, trainers, riders and veterinarians for an online survey regarding the management practices of all performance horse disciplines. Claudia Sonder, a veterinarian and director of the Center for…

Student chefs compete to put dish on UC Davis menu

It's not just "What's cooking?" It's also "Who's cooking?" Three students will cook their own recipes before a hungry crowd at a UC Davis dining commons to compete for the honor of having their dish on the menu in a few weeks. The competition — including a red carpet and culinary prizes — and…

Soap antimicrobial may damage liver and raise cancer risk, mouse study shows

Soapy hands being washed under faucet

Long-term exposure to triclosan, an antimicrobial agent commonly found in a broad array of soaps, shampoos, toothpastes and other consumer products, may have potentially serious health consequences, reports a research team including a UC Davis scientist. Data from a new study shows that triclosan…

Alumna makes major donation for classroom and recital hall

Rendering of the proposed recital hall and music building

A new classroom and recital hall building at the University of California, Davis, will be named the Ann E. Pitzer Center to honor an alumna who donated $5 million toward the building. The gift from the late Ann E. Pitzer and the naming were announced Thursday (Nov. 13) evening at a reception for…

Fresh idea brings campus produce to UC Davis pantry

Woman riding bike with little barn in background

Campus-grown produce, delivered by bicycle and offered at a UC Davis food pantry, is warming not only the stomachs of students, but also their hearts. "The fresh produce is very helpful to the pantry experience," said Sebastian Cano, a fourth-year student from Oakland, California, who recently…

Latina scientists recognized as CAMPOS scholars

The University of California, Davis, is building a core of Latina faculty in science, technology, engineering, social sciences and math to educate and inspire a new generation of Californians. "There is a dearth of Latina STEM scientists in the nation, so the implications of having a critical mass…